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September 3, 2004

Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves set a record yesterday when he awarded 13 scholarships to students. This is the most ever given in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}
The bursaries came in three different forms; the Prime Minister’s Award, the National Awards and the 25th Anniversary of Independence Awards. The opportunities for university training were handed out yesterday morning at Cabinet room in the Ministerial Building during a short ceremony.
The Prime Minister’s Award went to Lenski Douglas, top student at this year’s A’Level Examinations. Douglas, who was in the Science faculty at the Community College, received five passes with three Grade A’s, a Grade B and an A in General paper. Douglas is Prime Minister’s award affords him an additional EC$5000 and a medal.
There were five other National scholarship winners:
Verona James, Luke Browne, Elingford Roban, Bernard John and Akelia Browne.
James, who sat Business subjects had three A’s, a C, and a B in General Paper. Student of the Year Luke Browne (Science) had two A’s, two B’s and an A in General Paper. Roban had an A, three B’s and an A in General Paper. Roban sat the Sciences. Bernard John who was a Business student had two A’s, and one B. He got an A in General Paper.
Twenty-fifth anniversary of independence awards were given to Suzette Lewis, Ashelle Morgan, Charissa Shearman, Mariscia Roach, Dorra Robinson, Sejilla McDowall and Kalisia Isaacs.
Principal at the Community College Marcus Caine had earlier told SEARCHLIGHT that his calculation showed that there was a clustering of at least 11 persons in contention for national and other awards.
The national awards are full scholarships that cover university costs. The Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Independence Awards cover studies in the region and will be for three years.