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June 11, 2004

The dark overcast skies on Wednesday afternoon mirrored the sombre mood of Dauphine residents as they mourned the tragic loss of one of their own, Cosbert ‘Lily’ Lett, also known as Cosbert John.
As the funeral of the 26-year-old proceeded, heavy rains poured down, as if to reflect the tears that flowed freely down the faces of his loved ones. This ceremony marked the coming to terms with the tragedy that has struck the John family of Dauphine. {{more}}
Lett died last week Friday afternoon at about 4:30 p.m. after receiving a stab wound to the heart and a massive chop to the back of the head.
His uncle Andrew John, a 47-year-old farmer of Dauphine was arrested and charged for Lett’s murder on Monday afternoon. He appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday and was remanded in custody.
Joel John, the younger brother of the accused told SEARCHLIGHT it was no surprise to him when he heard his nephew Lett was dead.
For Muriel John, last weekend is one she would never wish to recall.
John has to cope with the dilemma that her accused son now faces behind bars and with the loss of her grandson.
“When I behold my grandson at the hospital I had to put my two hands on my head. It’s the mercy of God why I didn’t drop down,” the elderly woman said.
“This is double grievance. I am greatly embarrass and sorrowful at the same time,” said John while expressing that it’s been a week since she cannot eat as normal.
According to a police release, the post mortem carried out on the body of Lett revealed the cause of death as “massive haemorrhage or exsanguinations due to the stab injury.”
But the John family was not the only one torn apart by tragedy this week. The relatives of Dwight Stapleton of Gibson Corner are mourning his death.
Dwight Stapleton, believed to be in his twenties, was gunned down in Paul’s Avenue in the wee hours of Monday morning. Police have not yet charged anyone with this murder but SEARCHLIGHT understands that a young resident of Paul’s Avenue has been assisting the police with their investigations.