Man with long rap sheet for theft jailed for stealing slippers
Michael George
January 6, 2023

Man with long rap sheet for theft jailed for stealing slippers

A 42 year old man with a criminal history mainly for offences related to burglary and theft dating back to 1998, told the court “me na know if somebody put me so”.

Michael George, a resident of Arnos Vale made this pronouncement when he made his latest appearance on a charge for theft, in the Kingstown Magistrate court, on January 3, 2023 before Senior Magistrate, Rickie Burnett.

The labourer is charged that on December 31, 2022 at Arnos Vale, he stole one pair of red and black fashion slippers valued at US $25.00, the property of Nicholas Lucas of Villa/Fountain road.

The man who on a previous charge was given a two months prison sentence, suspended for a period of six months, was sentenced on this new charge to two months behind bars after he violated the previous suspended sentence.

According to the facts that were presented by Prosecutor Corporal Shamrack Pierre, the virtual complainant’s home is fenced and has CCTV cameras. On January 1, 2023, he was preparing to go to the beach when he discovered his slippers were missing. He made checks for the slippers but couldn’t find them.

He then reviewed his CCTV footage and saw the defendant on his premises. The complainant reported the matter, and the defendant was easily identified. The slippers were also recovered but the right foot slipper was damaged.

The senior magistrate highlighted that the defendant has a history of theft and focused on a charge from July, 27, 2022 where the defendant stole a quantity of items, was ordered to pay compensation, and was placed on a two month suspended prison sentence for a period of six months.

Before the six months period expired the defendant had found himself back before the court on a new charge and the magistrate said “ so already you are going to prison for six months sir…”

The senior magistrate also told George that he appears to have a pattern, and doesn’t seem to be changing. He then asked the defendant the reason why he went onto the property and stole the slippers. George told the court that it was raining and he has a bad cut that he did not want to get infected by the dirty water.

The magistrate told him that still did not give him the right to enter someone else’s property, pointing out that one of the reasons the property is fenced is to keep people like the defendant away.

Additionally, George was asked why he can’t stop stealing. The senior magistrate highlighted that the defendant has a record that dates back to 1998, and 98% of the offences are related to burglary and theft.

In response to the question the defendant told the court, “me na know if somebody put me so.”

He also said that he has shoes at home that he could have worn, but because of the pain he is experiencing in his injured foot, he did not wear the shoes.

The senior magistrate activated the court order that was issued in July, 2022 and the defendant was sentenced to two months imprisonment. He is also required to pay compensation for the slippers in the sum of $67.00 by April, 30 this year. If George fails to pay, he will spend one month in prison. In addition, Burnett placed the defendant on another suspended sentence for six months.