Phone smashing offender must compensate his ex-girlfriend or go to prison for two months
From the Courts
April 7, 2020

Phone smashing offender must compensate his ex-girlfriend or go to prison for two months

A REDEMPTION Sharpes man who smashed the phone of a woman who recently broke up with him has been advised by the magistrate to ‘move on’ from the relationship. The young man must also now compensate his ex-girlfriend or spend time in prison.

Eon Perry, 25 years old, was previously in a long-term relationship with Renica Louise of Kingstown Park, out of which came their two-year-old son.

However, on March 27, things took a bad turn when Perry suspected that Louise was cheating on him after a person she said was a friend gave her a ride home that night.

The following day, March 28, Perry accused his girlfriend of cheating and the two had an argument at Louise’s house. Louise told him that she was ending the relationship, and told Perry that he had to leave the house.

Perry did so, but he returned later. When he came back he heard Louise saying that she was going out. He observed a car come to pick her up, and when she moved to approach the vehicle, Perry pulled her phone away from her. He asked her where she was going with his son.

As Perry moved away, Louise followed behind him with a knife. After he noticed this, he smashed the phone three times.

Perry told Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett that he and his girlfriend had been together for three years.

The magistrate asked the couple if the relationship was over, and they both replied that it was, the affirmation being especially strong from Louise.

“You have to move on from this lady,” Burnett told Perry, who was seeking to pay for the phone.

“Because trust is a very important thing in a relationship,” the magistrate stated, “very important.”

“Once you have a breach of trust, or no trust at all, then,” then there is a problem, Burnett commented.

Saying that he was only commenting based on the information Perry gave to the court, the magistrate added “I get the feeling that somehow you feel that the lady is unfaithful to you and that is what is causing tension in the relationship.”

Burnett told Perry that he needed to work on himself “because you are a young man, and I believe in your mind you still love this lady.”

“I don’t expect somebody to be loving somebody on the 27th/28th of March, and by the 31st, he’s no longer in love with that person,” he continued.

However, the magistrate told the young man that he had to move on from her because if he doesn’t things may happen.

Burnett noted that they would “have been hearing how persons get themselves into trouble over relationships.”

At this, Perry said that he avoids that, and that he doesn’t hit her.

Louise confirmed that he never did that to her.

The magistrate decided to allow compensation, but told Perry to stay away from Louise, advising that there are other women in the world.

“…If you look good…you may find another one. Leave (Louise) alone,” he said.

The phone was worth US $189 (EC$506).

Burnett asked Perry how long he would take to pay the phone. “Because a phone has become….sorry to say it… but maybe for some people a phone is more important than a bible,” he commented, saying that Louise probably wanted the money immediately.

The court decided in the end to give Perry until May 29 to repay his ex-girlfriend, or he will spend two months in prison.