Juror fined for no-show at Court
From the Courts
October 25, 2019
Juror fined for no-show at Court

Although three jurors were absent without excuse at the beginning of the High Court session on Monday, only one ended up with a fine.

A trial was supposed to begin at the High Court on October 21, and as such all of the jurors for this sitting were supposed to be present for possible selection.

However, at nine o’clock when the register was taken, it was discovered that three jurors were not present and that there was no explanation before the court for their absence.

At that point, Justice Brian Cottle stated that if no explanation was forthcoming he would apply the usual fine of $40 per day.

Some time later, after initial applications were made by the prosecution, it was announced that only one juror was missing.

This person was therefore fined.

According to the Jury Act, $40 is the maximum fine that can be imposed, which is in effect for every day a juror does not turn up for duty.

In this case, once the judge hears the juror’s reason for not being present, he or she may choose to exercise his discretion to waive the fine.

However, Justice Cottle has said that jury duty is the most important civic duty.