From the Courts
January 30, 2018
Magistrate dismisses charge of slander against Colonarie resident

A man who had no witness to support a charge of slander he brought against a Colonarie resident feels that he did not receive justice when his case was thrown out of court.

“Your honour, God nah sleep, anuh; God nah sleep,” Kenroy Neverson told magistrate Bertie Pompey at the Colonarie Magistrate’s Court last Thursday, January 25, just after his case against Katasha Dabreo of Colonarie was dismissed.

Before proceeding with the trial, Pompey asked Neverson if he had a witness, as it is impossible to bring a slander matter without a third party.

Neverson, in response, said he had no witness, but was adamant that he did not need one, based on his claim.

As magistrate Pompey again explained the procedure when bringing a slander case before the court, Neverson continued to argue the point that he has grounds for his claim.

“Just get a lawyer and seek advice. I’m not your lawyer,” Pompey concluded, as he dismissed the case.

Neverson shook his head in disbelief. “Magistrate, that go unfair, anuh; that unfair!” he exclaimed.

Some members of the public erupted in laughter as Neverson continued his outburst.

Neverson had cross complained Dabreo; however, magistrate Pompey dismissed the cross complaint, as Dabreo had failed to show up.

As Neverson argued his way out the courtroom door, Pompey stated: “That’s probably why the other party didn’t show up; he’s lucky I don’t charge him with contempt of court”.(CJ)