From the Courts
December 15, 2017
Son told by magistrate to apologize to father

It was a quite a dramatic moment at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court earlier this week, when a man was made to apologize to his father.

On December 11, Glenroy Yorke of London, Sandy Bay, appeared before the court, charged with breaching the peace and using indecent language.

The court heard that on November 3, 2017, Yorke told his father, 59-year-old Whitfield Baptiste of the same address: “Yo stinking m*** c*** like yo; yo dey ah hospital and me haffo go clean yo plaintains!”

When asked by magistrate Rickie Burnett why he had brought his son to court, Baptiste said Yorke has no respect for his parents.

“He don’t have no manners for me nor his mother; when he drink alcohol, he behave like 10 Tarzan.” 

The magistrate asked Baptiste what he wanted him to do to Yorke, after which the younger man was told to apologize.

“Go and apologize to your father,” Burnett told Yorke, who went over to the plaintiff’s dock and with tears in eyes and a shaking voice, asked his father for forgiveness.

He told his father that he was sorry and he wouldn’t do it again.

Baptiste told the court that ever since Yorke began living on his own, he would drink and misbehave. Yorke was reprimanded and both parties were advised that they were free to go.(GHJ)