From the Courts
November 21, 2017
Man charged with robbing tourist denied bail again

For a second time, bail has been denied to the young man charged with robbing a tourist from the cruise ship Brittania.

Jervany Baptiste has been charged with the robbery of an unknown man, of an unknown address (as stated in the court) of a gold bangle worth an unknown amount on November 8.

This unknown man is a tourist who had alighted the Brittania and was robbed forcefully in Bentick Square, Kingstown, but remains unknown due to ongoing investigations.

Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche stated that the circumstances for objection to bail remain the same.

The prosecution believes that the defendant is inclined to commit these kinds of offences and, given the tourist season and the ongoing investigations, they thought it best to deny bail.

However, Delplesche said in court yesterday that investigators “should be getting this matter off the ground sooner rather than later.”

Baptiste will be detained until his trial on December 14.