From the Courts
November 17, 2017
Shoplifter ordered to pay fine

After spending one week in prison on remand, Shakel Chance, who pleaded guilty to the offence of theft, has been ordered to pay $386.75, the value of the items stolen from Triple R Minimart in Georgetown.

On Monday, November 13, Chance reappeared before magistrate Burnett at the Georgetown magistrate’s Court, where she was told the penalty she faced for the offence.

Chance, a resident of Byera, was charged with four counts of theft of items from the Minimart on different occasions in September.

The incidences of shoplifting were recorded by surveillance camera. She was caught on the fifth occasion and the police were called.

On September 2, items valued at $63.95 were stolen; on September 9, the stolen items were valued at $121.85; on September 23, sometime after 9 a.m., items valued at $179.75 were stolen and on that same day, sometime after 1 p.m., items valued $21 were stolen. None of these items were recovered by the police.

In addition to having to pay $386.75, Chance was given a six-month sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Magistrate Burnett said the one week Chance spent on remand in prison is a lesson for her and others who would want to do the same.

The fine was paid in court on Monday, when the matter was concluded.(CJ)