From the Courts
October 20, 2017
$2,500 conditional bail granted to alleged burglar

An aggravated burglary charge has been placed against a man for allegedly breaking into a Park Hill residence.

Glendon DeFreitas was charged on October 12, with breaking and entering a dwelling house in Park Hill as a trespasser and stealing one blue cigarette lighter, one pack of cigarettes and five dollars cash, while having a knife on his person.

The charge was indictably laid against the defendant at the Serious Offences Court yesterday, October 16.

Prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche did not object to bail for DeFreitas, with the reservation that bail conditions be attached.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias granted the defendant conditional bail of $2,500. He is to surrender all forms of Identification to the Court and a curfew will be enforced against him, wherein he is not allowed to be out after 7 p.m. If the conditions placed on him are breached, Defreitas is liable to have his bail revoked and he will be jailed.

The preliminary inquiry into this case will begin on January 24, 2018.(KR)