From the Courts
October 13, 2017
Jarvis case heads to High Court

Junior Jarvis will appear before judge and jury to answer the charge of murder of banker Randy Lawrence, and five other charges.

Yesterday at the Serious Offences Court, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias, at the end of a Preliminary Inquiry which heard the testimony of no fewer than 35 witnesses, decided that the Prosecution had put forward sufficient evidence for all six charges to move on to the High Court.

Jarvis, a journalist and public relations consultant, is charged with six offences, including the murder of Randy Lawrence of Arnos Vale; the abduction and assault, causing bodily harm of Arisha Pompey of Arnos Vale; the attempted murder of Jozette Smith; the aggravated burglary of the house of Jozette Smith; and the use of a firearm in the commission of an offence.

All of the offences are alleged to have occured on February 14, 2017.

The Chief Magistrate stressed that guilt or innocence will be considered at the High Court and that had not been the role of the Serious Offences Court.(KR)