From the Courts
July 25, 2017
Man ordered to pay $350 to elderly neighbour

A Langley Park man says he was confused when he pushed an elderly man, causing him to bruise his elbow.

Yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, magistrate Rickie Burnett ordered that Christopher Harry, 53, pay his 83-year-old neighbour William Clarke $350, after he was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm.

Harry told the court that he has been living in his present location for 10 years and during that time, he has repeatedly complained to Clarke about water running on to his premises.

He said on July 7, at about 7 a.m., water started coming into his house, so he got a wheelbarrow and began moving sand. He said he complained to Clarke, who responded that he was not responsible for rain or where the water ran.

“Come like he confused me. I was confused, your honour, so me push he and he fall down,” Harry said.

Clarke told the court that he was passing with a jug in his hand on his way to his girlfriend’s house when Harry assaulted him, causing him to fall and bruise his elbow. He reported the matter to the police.

On handing down his judgement, the magistrate asked Clarke what he wanted for his pain and suffering.

The elderly man responded that he wanted $1,000 in compensation.

As Burnett was about to announce his decision, Clarke interrupted and said, “Ah could go action him.”

On hearing this, the magistrate explained that if Clarke was about to action Harry, he would have to withdraw the $350 he was about to be awarded.

Clarke quickly changed his mind and said he would accept the money.

Harry was ordered to pay the defendant $350 by August 31 or in default, he would spend one month in prison. He was also placed on a one-year bond in the amount of $1,000 or in default, he would spend three months in prison.(CJ)