From the Courts
July 7, 2017
Six charges against police officer withdrawn

A police officer who had been charged with 22 counts of deception has had six of those charges withdrawn.

The charges against Elron Lewis, who is alleged to have sold driver’s licences for more than two years, were withdrawn after the virtual complainants in the matters declined to give evidence in court.

Lewis was charged that on November 25, 2015, he dishonestly obtained EC$400 from Kamara Foster; on December 11, 2015, he dishonestly obtained EC$550 from Chantelle Mulkaine; on December 18, 2015, he dishonestly obtained EC$250 from Curlan Ashton; on January 11, 2016, he dishonestly obtained EC$600 from Victor Simmons; on November 23, 2015, he dishonestly obtained EC$600 from Omora Gaymes and between September 1-30, he dishonestly obtained EC$300 from Ashaki Foster.

All six of those charges have been dropped.

Lewis, who is currently on suspension, is alleged to have obtained over EC$4,000 through these sales.

A source familiar with the case told SEARCHLIGHT that suspicions were first aroused when a woman, who alleged that she had paid Lewis for a licence, went to police Headquarters looking for Lewis. Not finding him there, the woman, who had been living in the United Kingdom, told another officer why she was looking for Lewis.

According to the source, when Lewis returned to headquarters, unaware that the woman had spoken to police, he denied helping her.

The police officer still faces 16 charges of deception.