From the Courts
July 7, 2017
Magistrate warns teen about smoking marijuana

A teenager of Byera has been warned that marijuana is not good for him.

On Monday, July 3, shortly after 17-year-old Javon Thomas pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana with intent to supply, magistrate Rickie Burnett advised the young man to do some introspection and make positive choices with his life.

“Stop smoke marijuana! It is not good for you,” Burnett told the teenager at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court before he imposed his sentence.

Thomas was fined $400, to be paid by July 31, or in default, he will serve a three-month jail sentence.

On July 2, Thomas gave police consent to search his room, where 132 grams of cannabis was found under a black and gold hat.

When the package containing the evidence was opened in his presence, Thomas declared “Officer, ah weed, is a small piece ah weed.”

The magistrate questioned whether some people are being influenced to smoke marijuana by the ongoing debate.

“Based on discussions going on, it seems as though some people are taking it to mean marijuana smoking is good,” Burnett said.

Thomas was also advised by the prosecutor to look for work. (GHJ)