From the Courts
May 19, 2017
Man makes inappropriate outburst in court

A lawyer here has expressed disgust over the outburst of a man during a sitting of the Serious Offences Court last Wednesday.

Defence lawyer Grant Connell was of the “strong belief” that McKies Hill resident Eli ‘John Bud’ Kelly should have been remanded after he told Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias that “nobody could trouble her” in Kingstown.

Kelly’s outburst came after Browne-Matthias granted Junior Phillips and Jeroudi Cromwell $12,000 bail, after they were allegedly found with a 9mm pistol and nine rounds of ammunition.

“Great judgement!” Kelly shouted, shortly after the Chief Magistrate informed the men that bail was open to them.

At this point Kelly, who was standing, made his way towards the exit, where he stopped and shouted, “Nobody could trouble you in this town!” while pointing directly at the Chief Magistrate.

Browne-Matthias appeared shocked by what had transpired, while other persons laughed quietly.

However, Connell remained straight-faced and told the court that what had transpired was disrespectful and the man should have been detained.

Speaking from the bar, Connell said the outburst was unacceptable and that the man could not be allowed to just disrespect the court and walk out and no officer moved to address the issue.

“But it’s not my court…,” he said softly. “He would have spent the night.”

Speaking outside the court, Connell, clearly annoyed by what transpired, told reporters that Kelly could have seriously injured someone in the courtroom.

“What if he had stabbed me in my neck? What would have happened then?” he asked. (AS)