From the Courts
April 28, 2017
Cops can’t be operating with technology of Flintstones – Lawyer

On what grounds were Recardo “Shrek” McFee and Martin “Jahson” James charged for last year’s shooting death of 10-month-old Mozari Lee and attempted murder of parents Mozart Lee and Shelly-Ann Durham?

Both men were remanded in police custody on October 12, 2016, five days after the alleged shooting and remained in custody until Tuesday, April 25, when the charges were dismissed.

However, while James walked out of the Serious Offences Court a free man, McFee went back to Her Majesty’s Prisons to continue a 15-month prison sentence, after he pleaded guilty to having 30 rounds of .380 ammunition in his possession last November.

As a preliminary inquiry (PI) into the matter concluded on Tuesday, the prosecution’s case failed to put the men at the scene of the crime. Instead, their evidence put both men at a shop during the time of the shooting.

“This is a situation in which there was no evidence at all, as far as what came out in the court, to suggest that Recardo McFee in deed and in fact participated in the criminal transaction out in the Glen and Fairhall area,” lawyer Israel Bruce told SEARCHLIGHT a few minutes after the men were discharged.

Bruce, who represents McFee, said that his alibi is in perfect shape, as all the persons who were present at the shop confirmed that he was there.

“If you have that, the travesty is to have that information and still proceed to charge him and have him in custody lingering in the prisons for that length of time; that is the problem.”

However, Bruce said that lawyers act on instructions and he has not been instructed to take action as it relates to his client’s wrongful arrest.

Commenting on the matter, lawyer Grant Connell, who represents James, said officers have a duty to the citizens of the country to find the real perpetrators of the crimes committed here.

“It’s time the police do proper investigations, instead of arresting innocent people to give the public the impression that they are being effective… that’s why they are paid,” he stressed.

“If they don’t know what they are doing, remove the square pegs from round holes and get those who have some plan to deal with crime.”

Connell further stated that the “powers that be” have to invest in the police force by training and equipping the officers to deal with these matters, or pay the ultimate price.

“The police can’t be operating with the technology of the Flintstones and those who they investigate operate with 4G. From the existing medical report forms, the taking of reports to the handling of crime scenes, they just have to take a different approach,” the defence lawyer added.

SEARCHLIGHT approached the head of the Criminal Investigations Unit (CID) and lead investigating officer in the case, detective inspector Sherol James. However, she declined to comment. (AS)