From the Courts
March 17, 2017
Grenadian man remanded for drugs

A Grenadian man was on Monday remanded into police custody for an additional two weeks, after he pleaded not guilty to having 174 pounds of cannabis in his possession.

The accused, Ingram Francis, is charged that on March 9, 2017, at Union Island, he had in his possession a controlled drug, to wit 78, 996 grams of cannabis, with intent to supply to another.

When he appeared before the Serious Offences Court,

prosecutor Elgin Richards objected to offering the accused bail and asked that he be remanded to police custody, noting that he is a Grenadian national.

Richards told the court that Francis is a flight risk and added that because of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ open borders, it would be easy for the Grenadian to flee the state.

However, Francis’ lawyer, Grant Connell, opposed Richard’s argument, stating that it was not grounds to object to bail.

Connell said that Carriacou, which is part of Grenada, is in Vincentian waters and persons could swim across to Petit Martinique from there.

He, however, acknowledged that bail for his client wasn’t practical and asked for a speedy trial.

Connell took the opportunity to point out that blood tests, such as ones done for cancer or HIV, are done in a more hasty manner than drug tests, adding that it sometimes takes 10 months to test drug samples.

The court also heard that police allegedly beat Francis and so his lawyer asked the court to ensure he was taken to the hospital.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias agreed that Francis was a flight risk and ordered that he be remanded until April 28, his trial date, given the circumstances and quantity of the drugs. (AS)