From the Courts
January 24, 2017
Man jailed for homemade firearm

Commissioner of Police Renold Hadaway says that the discovery of Campden Park resident Kemron Spencer with a home-made firearm is not a one-off situation, as a number of other homemade weapons are out there.

Last week, Spencer, 23, was jailed for five years for possession of the homemade weapon.

Speaking last Wednesday at a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Kingstown, Hadaway said that ever since he can recall, homemade firearms have been around.

“…Coming out of the Special Service Unit (SSU) many years ago, we would have encountered several home-made firearms. It is a way that the criminal who probably cannot have access to a manufactured weapon are using to provide the means to secure themselves one way or the other and most of these firearms are basically shotguns,” said Hadaway.

He said that the police are vigilant on the whole issue of illegal firearms, ammunition, explosives and other illegal things.

“We continue to monitor and to see what we can do to prevent them coming to our shores, what we can remove from the streets and to ensure that there is a safer environment so that law-abiding citizens can feel comfortable,” said Hadaway.(LC)