From the Courts
September 2, 2016
Suspect found guilty of criminal trespass, awaits judgement

After having being shot in the leg during an attempted burglary on May 14, 2016, Kelroy Richards was found guilty of criminal trespass on Tuesday at the Calliaqua Magistrate’s Court.{{more}}

It is alleged that Richards and Hugo Young (deceased) broke into the house of Delonore Corea, a licensed firearm holder, who shot both men.

According to a May 2016 release from the Public Relations and Complaints Department of the Royal SVG Police Force, Corea called the police on Friday, May 13 to report that he had shot at two male intruders whom he had interrupted trying to remove a vault from his home.

The 58-year-old, who is a resident of Calder Ridge, told police that he had secured his home earlier that night and had been out when he received a call from a neighbour that the lights he had left on at his residence were turned off.

On returning home, he discovered a broken window and his vault missing.

The press release further stated: “It is reported that Corea heard sounds on the outside of his house and when he looked, he saw a shape looking as his vault as well as two male figures. Corea, it is said, shouted towards the males and one of the men was seen pointing something in his direction. Corea, a licensed shotgun holder, reportedly opened fire on the men, then called the police. When the police arrived, the vault which is said to be owned by Corea was discovered 160 yards from his home. Further checks by the police on the property led to the discovery of Richards, who sustained gunshot wounds to his legs.”

Young’s body was discovered the next day, approximately 200 yards from Corea’s home.

Around the time of the incident, several persons who claimed to live in the community took to SEARCHLIGHT’s Facebook page stating that the two men (Young and Richards) have a history of burglary in the area and are known as such to police officers.

However, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT in May, Young’s sister was adamant that her brother was not breaking into the house when he was shot.

When Richards appeared before the court on Tuesday he pleaded not guilty to the charge; however, after presentation of the evidence, he was found guilty by the magistrate. He will be sentenced on Monday, September 5.(AS)