From the Courts
August 16, 2016
Chef fined for hitting co-worker

A chef employed at an Asian restaurant here was yesterday fined $200 for hitting his co-worker with a wet towel.{{more}}

Cane Garden resident Chunla Wu pleaded guilty that on June 18 in Kingstown, he did unlawfully assault Thijah Wilson of Belair, contrary to section 193 of the Criminal Code.

According to police, on June 18, about 1:45 p.m., Wilson, who is a waiter at the Chung Wa restaurant, took out a $5 portion of fries for a customer, when Wu told her that she had put too much fries in the portion.

There was an exchange of words and police say that Wu took up a wet cloth and struck Wilson on her ear and her shoulder.

He was later apprehended and made no statement to police.

Yesterday, his lawyer Jomo Thomas said both Wilson and the police admitted that there was no physical injury; however, a medical form submitted to the court mentioned a contusion.

Thomas said the charge does not warrant confinement and asked that his client be reprimanded and discharged and if not, be put on a bond.

Court prosecutor Elgin Richards did not share Thomas’ view and instead asked that the defendant be fined. He held that although it is Wu’s first offence, a message must be sent.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey said Wu could not go unpunished and ruled that a fine of $200 be imposed, which should be paid within one week.(AS)