From the Courts
July 19, 2016
Montrose man fined for making threats to SOE

A New Montrose resident was yesterday fined $1,100 for using indecent and threatening language towards the supervisor of elections Sylvia Findlay.

When he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Asbert Richards pleaded not guilty to using indecent language and threatening language on June 2 at the Electoral Office on Bay Street, Kingstown.{{more}}

When she took the witness stand, Findlay said on the day of the incident, she was at the Electoral Office attending to Richards’ girlfriend at the front desk.

She told the court that while she was speaking to the young woman, Richards was seated in the customer waiting area.

The young woman was requesting a transfer from Marriaqua to West Kingstown; however, she said that she told her that she was unable to do the transfer at the office.

Findlay also disclosed that when the young lady left the office, Richards walked up to the front desk and told her that she was “bad-minded”.

“He came up to the front desk and, among other things, said that I was bad-minded because I could do the registration at the office.”

She said that she replied to him by saying, “Even though some of you in this country would like to see me go to jail, I would not go to jail for something I know I should not do.”

Findlay said that after she said this to him, Richards became aggressive.

“He told me to haul my stinking mother c***,” she said.

Findlay also told the court that before Richards was escorted out of the office by police constable Karim Quashie, he repeated what he said and told her that he was not afraid of the police.

She said that she stayed at the front desk and about 10 to 15 minutes later, Richards returned, stuck his head through the door and said to her, “When you leave work, I would lick you in your head.”

Findlay admitted that she became concerned for her safety.

“I was concerned for my safety. I was somewhat scared.”

She said she stayed at the office and made a report to corporal Winston Maloney of the CID, who took a statement from her and two employees at the Electoral Office.

When Richards took the stand, he told the court that he had accompanied his girlfriend to the Electoral Office so that she could get a new identification card.

Richards told the court that his girlfriend told Findlay that she works as a babysitter from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Findlay responded by saying, “You work from four to nine? I find that very strange.”

This prompted him to tell Findlay that she could call his girlfriend’s employer if she didn’t believe.

He said that after he said this, Findlay shouted at him and told him that she was not speaking to him.

“After that I tell she to haul her mother c***,” said the man.

“Ms Findlay talk to me in a aggressive way. She get me annoyed.”

He claimed that when he was leaving the office, a lady who was also seated in the waiting area told him that he could not do anything to her family (referring to Findlay).

Richards also claimed that it was the lady sitting in the waiting area and not Findlay who he had threatened to “lick her in her head”.

During cross-examination, Richards admitted that he disrespected Findlay, but maintained that the threatening words he said were not directed at her.

Magistrate Bertie Pompey found Richards guilty and told him that he should have respect for everyone.

“I find you guilty as charged. Ms Findlay is in a position where she commands a lot of respect and you disrespected her. You are supposed to respect everybody,” said Pompey.

For the charge of using indecent language, Richards was fined $650 to be paid forthwith.

He was also fined $450 to be paid forthwith for the charge of using threatening language.

Also taking the witness stand yesterday were Anique Findlay Providence, police constable Karim Quashie and corporal Winston Maloney. (CA)