From the Courts
July 15, 2016
Why resort to using a weapon on weaker sex? – Magistrate

“Why did you resort to using a weapon on, as the Bible says, ‘the weaker sex’?”{{more}}

This question was asked by magistrate Bertie Pompey when Alex Bradshaw appeared before him to answer the charge of maliciously and intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm on Arlene Pitt Browne.

Bradshaw, an artist of Murray’s Village, pleaded guilty when he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

According to the facts, on November 18, 2015, Bradshaw and Browne, who were in a common-law relationship at the time, were at Browne’s apartment at Lodge Village.

Bradshaw, who was in the bedroom, came into the living room and met Browne on her cell phone and asked for it, because he thought that she was speaking with another man.

An argument ensued and Bradshaw picked up a knife that was on a nearby table and stabbed Browne in her abdomen.

She spent one night at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital; the matter was reported to the police and Browne was later charged.

Bradshaw’s lawyer, Grant Connell, disclosed in court that since the incident both parties have continued their relationship with each other.

He also pleaded with Pompey for leniency.

“He is the father of two and he did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty. He is not a threat to society,” he said.

Pompey noted that Bradshaw had five previous convictions, two of which were offences of violence.

He also cautioned him before delivering his sentence.

“She has a right to her privacy. Who she speaks to does not matter you. Stabbing her with a knife is not called for,” said Pompey.

Bradshaw was fined $500, to be paid in two weeks. He is also expected to compensate Browne with $1,000 in two weeks.(CA)