From the Courts
July 12, 2016
Jemark ‘Parch Nuts’ Jackson faces attempted murder, robbery charges

Jemark ‘Parch Nuts’ Jackson is again before the courts and this time has been charged with attempted murder and robbery.

The young man, who is well known to police, was charged with the attempted murder of 25-year-old Regiemus Andrews, a fisherman of Clare Valley, by shooting him in his chest, at Campden Park on February 25, 2016.{{more}}

Additionally, Jackson, now 24 years old and a resident of Campden Park, has been charged jointly with two other persons with robbery.

Jackson, Renson Roberts, 19 years old of Clare Valley, and Raheion Williams, 21 years old of Lowmans Hill were arrested on July 8 and charged jointly with robbing 21-year old Delroy Harry on May 12, 2016.

According to a police report, the three young men, all labourers, have been charged with robbing Harry, a chauffeur of Vermont of a BLU cellular phone valued EC$400, his property; and EC$1,038 in cash, the property of Rosette Bennett, 36 years old, secretary of Rillan Hill, and at the time of doing so and in order to do so did put the said Delroy Harry in fear of being then and there subjected to force, at Campden Park.

The three have also been charged with robbing 26-year-old Maradona Duncan, a bus conductor of Vermont of one black and white DL 700 cellular phone, valued EC$300 and one gold chain valued EC$200, total value EC$500, and at the time of so doing and in order to do so did put the said Maradona Duncan in fear of being then and there subjected to fear, at Campden Park on May 12, 2016.

Jackson first came to national attention in 2008, when as a 15-year-old, he accused three police officers of assault, causing actual bodily harm when he was in police custody on November 18, 2008. He had been taken into custody after being involved in a fight that day.

As a result of the beating by the police officers, Jackson spent seven days in a coma at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Upon his recovery, he reported the matter to his lawyer Jomo Thomas, who took up the case. The police officers were found guilty and were fined $1,500, to be paid within one month. In default, they would each serve six months in prison. They appealed the conviction and sentence, but on February 21, 2011, the ruling of the lower court was upheld by the Appeals Court.

On April 3, 2012, just over a year after he won his case, Jackson was sentenced to two years in jail, after pleading guility to burglarizing a New Montrose residence on February 12, 2011. He was also a suspect in other burglaries and robberies.

Since his release from jail, Jackson, in March 2015, appeared before the court to answer charges of gun and ammunition possession.