From the Courts
June 14, 2016
Woman attempts to throw cannabis through window

“I was going to throw it outside,” was not a sufficient explanation for the 193 grams of cannabis found in Yvonne King’s possession.{{more}}

On June 10, sergeant Phillips headed a contingent of police officers to the home of Angus Haynes in Green Hill to conduct a search.

Police constable Caesar entered a bedroom, where he found King attempting to open a window with one hand and a silver baking pan containing cannabis in the other.

Caesar approached King and cautioned her.

“Officer me ain’t know about that. I was going to throw it outside,” she said to him.

King was taken to the CID Office, where the cannabis was weighed in her presence, following which, she was charged.

She pleaded guilty before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias and was fined $550 to be paid forthwith.(CA)