From the Courts
May 27, 2016
‘I don’t want any time in prison’ – accused

“Is weed, is my own. I could pay for it,” said Clenford Mars when police constable 707 Haywood discovered 72 grams of cannabis in his possession at the Grenadines Wharf on May 23.{{more}}

The cannabis was concealed in a cereal box.

At the Serious Offenses Court on Tuesday, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias asked Mars, “Suppose I don’t want you to pay for it?”

Mars, who seemed confused by the question, was then asked by Browne-Matthias, “How long do you want in prison?”

Apparently shocked by the question, Mars replied, “I don’t want any time in prision, your honour.”

Browne-Matthias informed Mars that imprisonment was also a real possibility for drug possession, before fining him $300 to be paid forthwith.(CA)