From the Courts
May 20, 2016
Bajan fined $25,000 for 9,363 grams of cannabis

Barbadian national Gregory Dottin was sentenced to one year imprisonment and fined $25,000 forthwith after being found at the E.T Joshua Airport with 9,363 grams of cannabis.{{more}}

When he appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Tuesday charged with possession of a controlled drug, attempting to export a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug for the purpose of drug trafficking, Dottin pleaded guilty.

However before sentencing, a major debate ensued between defence lawyer Grant Connell and senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpleshe on whether to deport the convict, impose a fine or hand down a custodial sentence.

Connell asked chief magistrate Rechanne Browne- Mathias to stop the practice of imposing sentences on foreigners, since it only causes a liability on the State.

He then suggested that Dottin be sent back to Barbados and made to pay a hefty fine.

“Send him back, leh we keep his money.” Connell stated.

However senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpleshe noted that while SVG may need money we cannot sell our souls for it.

Chief magistrate Rechanne Browne-Mathias noted “I rather the sentence be reflective of the nature of the crime.”

According to the facts of the case, Corporal 272 John, who was on duty at the arrival lounge of the E T Joshua Airport on May 15, armed with certain information, identified a male and questioned him as to his reason for visiting St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The individual, Dottin, told Corporal John that he was in the island on vacation and would be leaving in seven days.

However, the following day, May 16, Corporal John, who was then stationed at the departure lounge, witnessed Dottin checking in with a ‘baby blue’ bag slung over his shoulder.

John then became suspicious and kept the Barbadian under observation.

He then requested Dottin’s passport and asked whether he had checked any other bags and was told no.

John then escorted Dottin to the x-ray room and retrieved a bag simiilar to the one Dottin had over his shoulder.

The corporal then requested a search and during the search a brown taped packet was discovered in one of the pockets of the bags.

The package was cut and a plant like material resembling marijuana was found.

Dottin was then cautioned and taken to the Narcotics Base where a more detailed search was done.

During the search a further 13 more taped packages with plant like material resembling marijuana was found.

John then weighed the contents of the bag in Dottin’s presence and he was formally charged.

The drugs have an estimated street value of $48,000.(CM)