From the Courts
April 5, 2016
Dickson charged with possession of cannabis

A Rilland Hill man in his early twenties left the defendant’s stand at the Serious Offences court with a smirk on his face, after being slapped on the wrist for possession of two pounds of marijuana yesterday.{{more}}

Darrel Dickson was charged with having in his possession 872 grams (two pounds) of cannabis at Belmont on Friday, April 1.

According to police, Dickson was travelling in Suzuki jeep RB175, when traffic officers, who were conducting a stop and search operation in the vicinity of the Seventh Day Adventist Church stopped him.

During the search, officers discovered a black plastic bag under the passenger seat of the vehicle, at which point Dickson said “Is weed officer,” when he was cautioned by police.

Dickson was taken to the Narcotics Base, where the drug was weighed.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias noted that Dickson had no previous convictions and that he is relatively young.

She then fined him EC$2,000, which was to be paid forthwith, or in default, he would spend one year in prison. Dickson indicated that he had all the money on him.

Browne then ordered that the drugs be destroyed.(AS)