From the Courts
March 18, 2016
Officer commended for presenting case file in speedy manner

Corporal 333 Gamal Bowens was praised at the Serious Offences Court last Tuesday for having a case file ready, so that swift justice could be served.{{more}}

The praise came from senior prosecutor Adolphus Delpesche, for Bowen’s ability to bring an incident that occured on March 12 before the court on March 15, with witnesses present and the court file ready.

“That’s shocking!” was one lawyer’s outburst, while Delpesche commended Bowens, who has been attached to the Criminal Investigations Department since 2012.

Defence attorneys very often complain about the length of time it takes for the prosecution to put cases together, with many matters being drawn out because of numerous adjournments.

Delpesche also told the court that Bowens is an exemplary officer, who always prepares his cases in a speedy manner.(AS)