From the Courts
July 1, 2014
Teen charged with stealing groceries from Save-A-lot

For a second time in two weeks, someone has been charged with stealing saltfish and cheese.{{more}}

This time, the perpetrator is 18-year-old Collins resident, Tamisha Kydd.

Kydd appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to stealing: a block of Anchor cheese, 5.4 pounds of saltfish, a bottle of peanut butter, two pounds of flour and a tin Salami, the property of Save-A-Lot supermarket.

While a restitution order was made on some of the items, Kydd had to pay compensation of $80 for the remaining items.

According to the facts, on June 28, 2014, Kydd entered the store and was kept under observation by the security guard. She was observed picking up some items, placing them in her shopping cart, and placing others in her handbag.

The court heard that Kydd paid the cashier for the items in the cart, and then attempted to leave the supermarket with the items she had not paid for. The security guard stopped her and the police were called in on the matter.

“All [of] this saltfish you have here. What were you going to do with all this?” prosecutor Glenford Gregg questioned.

On June 16, Questelles resident Mark Lawrence was placed on a six-month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to stealing seven packs of saltfish and two blocks of cheese from G and T supermarket in Sion Hill.

Lawrence explained to the court that he had given his girlfriend all of his money and that he was drunk at the time of the incident.(KW)