From the Courts
May 27, 2014
Wife of fugitive police officer charged

The wife of a policeman, who has been on the run from local authorities since last year, now herself faces two charges before the court.{{more}}

The wife, a 30-year-old vendor, appeared at the Family Court yesterday and was granted bail after being charged.

She is charged with: (1) the duty of providing for [child’s name] the necessities of life, without lawful excuse, failed to do so whereby the life of [child’s name] is likely to be permanently injured; (2) knowingly prevented the execution of legal criminal process, at Kingstown on May 23, 2014.

A usually reliable source told SEARCHLIGHT that the woman had allegedly been evading police for quite some time, changing residence on a regular basis.

Investigators needed the woman’s cooperation in having the police officer extradited to St Vincent and the Grenadines to assist in the completion of a police investigation. He is believed to be in the United States. (KW)