From the Courts
February 4, 2014
Teenagers to stand trial for wounding couple in Union Island

The two accused in the recent highly publicized Union Island yacht chopping incident are to go before judge and jury in the High Court at the next practical sitting of the criminal assizes.{{more}}

Union Island residents Jerome Jordan, 16, and his 15 year-old co-accused were committed to stand trial in the High Court yesterday, after Chief Magistrate Sonya Young found that there was sufficient evidence against them.

The teens were charged with wounding Christina Curtin and Mark Beiser, both of St Croix, US Virgin Islands, on October 3, 2013, at Union Island.

It is alleged that on the night of October 3, the two defendants boarded the couple’s yacht anchored off Union Island and inflicted chop wounds to their heads and faces.

The unnamed teen, is being represented by counsel Samantha Robertson.

The two victims have already testified in the matter.

Jordan was unrepresented.