From the Courts
February 4, 2014

Pregnant woman pleads guilty to possession of cannabis

A pregnant woman of Fancy was fined $2,500 yesterday, Monday after pleading guilty to possession of cannabis.{{more}}

Dana Bowens, appeared at the Serious Offences Court on a charge of possession of 1,966 grams of cannabis, on January 31.

When asked by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young why she shouldn’t be jailed for her crime, Bowens replied, “because I am pregnant.”

That reason did not hold water with the Chief Magistrate, who told Bowens that she had to come up with a better reason.

“You better tell me something better than that. The law tells me everyone is equal in the law’s eyes,” Young said.

Bowens then said it was her first offence and that she was trying to help herself.

According to the facts, at about 10: 50 a.m., Sergeant 492 Jacobs was on duty at the Grenadines wharf when he saw a man pushing a cart with a number of bags in it.

Jacobs, who was at the time carrying out routine searches on people travelling, requested a search of the bags the cart operator was carrying.

The man said the bags belonged Bowens, who was walking behind him.

When questioned, she admitted that the bags belonged to her.

During a search, in a pink bag, a black plastic bag was found containing four taped packages of cannabis.

When cautioned, Bowens replied, “Officer, me just been ah try help me self.”

In court, Bowens who is heavily pregnant, claimed that she is a security guard and is currently on maternity leave.

She was, however, ordered to pay $1,250 forthwith and the remainder in three months or face nine months in prison.

The forthwith fine was paid.