Three cleared of charges of murder of New Montrose man; given bail on robbery charges
From the Courts
December 27, 2013
Three cleared of charges of murder of New Montrose man; given bail on robbery charges

Three of the men who had been charged in connection with a robbery at the Russell’s Cineplex and the murder of a New Montrose resident earlier this year, were cleared of the murder charge on Monday at the Serious Offences Court.{{more}}

Following successful no-case submissions by the men’s counsel during the Preliminary Inquiry, Zemroy Guy, 27, of Edinboro, Chad Jacobs, 29, of Arnos Vale, and Kamara George, 31, of Old Montrose were all acquitted of the murder of corned fish vendor Rodney “Yankee” Grant.

As a result, the men were granted bail in the sum of $30,000 with one surety, on the robbery charge.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young ordered that the men report to the Central Police Station twice per week and surrender all travel documents.

The other two defendants, Semyce Williams, 24 and Clerory Pinder, 26, both of Ottley Hall, still have the murder charge, as well as the robbery charge hanging over their heads. They will be tried before a judge and jury in the High Court at the next practical sitting of the Criminal Assizes.

These two men were unrepresented.

The fish vendor was found lying face down in the middle of the Stoney Ground road, between the bridge and Colours supermarket on July 28, 2013. He had been shot in the head.

The five are also charged with, being armed with a gun and robbing Mohendus Martin of a black wallet containing EC$720, of his property and EC$2,239, the property of Russell’s Cineplex for assaulting Martin, to wit, beating him about his body with a gun, stamping and kicking and causing actual bodily harm; for having in their possession one .38 Smith and Wesson revolver without a licence; and for having in their possession six rounds of ammunition without a licence.

The successful counsel were Arthur Williams, who represents Guy and George, and Michaela Ambrose who represents Jacobs.(KW)