From the Courts
November 29, 2013

One accused in GECCU G’town branch burglary cleared of charge

Twenty-four-year old Kirt Stapleton was on Wednesday cleared of the charge brought against him for burglarizing the Georgetown branch of the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) and stealing EC$110,000 in June, 2013.{{more}}

The New Montrose resident and 19-year-old Junior James of Ottley Hall had been jointly charged with burglarizing the GECCU branch office. The charge against James was, however, retained.

Prosecutor Carl Williams said after reviewing the evidence, the decision was made to drop the charge against Stapleton, to which Chief Magistrate Sonya Young said she was also in agreement.

Meanwhile, in the same matter, Mark Williams of New Montrose and Kenneta James of Chateaubelair have been charged jointly with dishonestly receiving money for their own benefit, which they knew to be or believed to be stolen.

The matter has, however, been transferred to the High Court. The Chief Magistrate said on Wednesday that the matter would now be heard in another court and at a time that would be more feasible to do so.

Junior James, Mark Williams and Kenneta James were each granted bail in the amount of $10,000.(DD)