Ex-police officer found guilty of attempted abduction of teenage girl
From the Courts
October 1, 2013

Ex-police officer found guilty of attempted abduction of teenage girl

An ex-police officer was yesterday sentenced to nine months imprisonment for the attempted abduction of a 15-year-old girl.{{more}}

Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias sentenced Eugene Noel, 27, of Belair, after she found him guilty of the charge.

Noel had also been charged with impersonation, but was found not guilty on that charge. He was charged jointly with Ricardo “Big Eye” Miller of Sion Hill on both matters. Miller, a watchman, was sentenced to six months imprisonment on the charge of impersonation, but was found not guilty on the charge of attempted abduction.

The girl, in her testimony, said that on July, 2 2012, she was at the Peace Memorial Hall awaiting a bus to go home, after attending the Soca Monarch show at Victoria Park. She told the court that she was tired and went with a friend to the C.W. Prescod school grounds and sat on the steps.

She said shortly after, Miller, who said in a statement he was a watchman at the school, came to where they were and identified himself as a police officer.

The girl told the court that her friend ran, following which Noel turned up, held on to her and took her behind the nearby abandoned British American building. She said at one point, Noel loosened his grip on her to take out a condom. She used the opportunity to run.

The girl said she ran back to the area of Peace Memorial Hall where she was again met by Miller, whom she said told her that he wanted to carry her home.

A female police officer, who was in the vicinity at the time, saw the girl crying and came to her aid.

The matter was then reported to the police.

Attorney Grant Connell represented Miller in the matter. Noel was unrepresented.(KW)