Gun found between legs  of suspect while in custody
From the Courts
September 13, 2013

Gun found between legs of suspect while in custody

A 19-year-old man of Edinboro said in court that he only had a gun on him because his life was at risk. Devin Guy was sentenced to two years in jail for possession of a .25 semi-automatic pistol, after he pleaded guilty at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday, before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young.{{more}}

He also pleaded guilty to possession of four rounds of .25 ammunition and was sentenced to nine months in jail on that charge.

On September 7, PC Layne, along with other members of the Criminal Investigations Department, went to Rose Place in search of Guy, who was wanted by police on another matter.

Guy was found seated on a wall.

Layne approached him and informed him of the report against him. He was then taken to the CID, where he was placed on a bench where prisoners sit.

At about 11:30 p.m., according to the facts read in court, PC Layne noticed Guy fidgeting with the right side of his clothes. She approached him and requested a search. During that search, the gun was found between his legs.

When cautioned, he replied “Oh God, sorry officer.”

When Chief Magistrate Young asked why he had the gun in his possession, Guy said he was only pleading guilty because they found the gun on him.

He said he was not the owner of the gun.

“What are you doing in public with a loaded firearm?” Young again questioned.

He replied “I been going ketch a van same time to go home… My life is at risk because of my cousin. It was to protect my life, your honour.”

His sentences are to run concurrently.