From the Courts
August 2, 2013

Prison count stands at 458 as Criminal Assizes end

At the close of the High Court’s Criminal Assizes on Tuesday, the total prison population now stands at 458, two less than what was recorded at the end of the first Assizes of the year, which ran from February to April.{{more}}

This figure was disclosed by acting Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Brenton Charles.

At the Belle Isle Correctional Facility, there are 235 inmates, while 205 are housed at Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown.

There is a total of 346 males inmates – 94 on remand and 11 females inmates – seven on remand.

A total of 149 males were sentenced by the High Court, while 197 were sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court.

Three females were sentenced by the High Court and eight by the Magistrates Court.

There are still 45 males awaiting trial and another 45 awaiting Preliminary Inquiry Investigations. Four males are awaiting sentence, while three females await trial.

A total of four females are awaiting Preliminary Investigations.

The prisons house a total of 38 non-nationals, with 34 of them serving sentences and four on remand.

Patrick Lovelace, the man who was convicted for the murder of Lokisha Nanton, remains the lone man on death row.

The assizes, which were held in two courts simultaneously, were presided over by Justices Wesley James and Frederick Bruce-Lyle.

The Crown was represented by Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams, Assistant DPP Colin John, Crown Counsel Carl Williams, Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo, Sejilla McDowall and Karim Nelson. (KW)