Ex-con charged with threatening to kill PM
From the Courts
February 12, 2013
Ex-con charged with threatening to kill PM

A man who was recently released from prison on a rape charge found himself back in court yesterday for allegedly making a threat to kill the Prime Minister.{{more}}

Kingstown resident, Anthony Hamilton, was not allowed to plea to the charge after he was brought before the Serious Offences Court on a charge of making use of threatening language to wit, “Anytime I come out of prison, I will kill the Prime Minister”.

The threats are said to have been made between December 2010 and February 2011, at Her Majesty’s Prison.

In objecting to Hamilton’s bail, the prosecutor, Inspector Adolphus Delpesche, told the court that while it is an allegation, the charge is still a serious one.

He further told Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that the person to whom the threats were uttered, expressed fear the threats would be carried out.

Addressing the magistrate in a loud tone of voice, Hamilton pleaded his innocence.

He said he is being made the victim of spite, because “they feel like nobody can win the Prime Minister…”

On October 22, 1998, Hamilton was convicted on two charges of rape and aggravated burglary and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

It was revealed that Hamilton was released from prison last Saturday and was subsequently arrested on the threatening language charge.

“…I done do 17 calendar years in jail…. They done deal with me already on this charge in jail. I ain’t a stupid man to threaten the Prime Minister. They done beat me up and lock me down fo de same scene. I ain’t mek no threat,” Hamilton continued.

Chief Magistrate Young then said she was considering sending Hamilton to the Mental Health Centre for two weeks — a suggestion that Hamilton did not agree with.

“Send me dey fo wa? You sending a man like me there? I ain’t crazy, your honour. I don’t have to go out there…,” Hamilton said, as he waved his hands about in the prisoner’s dock, while the Chief Magistrate repeatedly told him to desist from behaving in that manner.

The Chief Magistrate, however, did not send Hamilton to the Mental Health Centre, but instead remanded him to prison and adjourned the matter for hearing on March 28.

Approximately eight witnesses are expected to testify for the prosecution.(KW)