Lawyer wants top cop gone
From the Courts
December 21, 2012

Lawyer wants top cop gone

Attorney Grant Connell did not hold any punches at the High Court on Wednesday, when he suggested that Commissioner of Police Keith Miller is not the right man to lead the country’s constabulary.{{more}}

On Wednesday, at the close of the Criminal Assizes, Connell referred to a rape case in the High Court last week, where his client was acquitted after his no-case submission was upheld.

He said the report of rape was made at 9 a.m. and his client was charged later that day without a medical report on the alleged.

That report, he said, came six days after his client was charged.

Connell said the investigating officer testified that Miller instructed him to charge the accused.

He said another officer was sent to Mustique to take over the case.

“That little act in Mustique, overrides the Constitution of this country. He (client) had to leave the island…” Connell said.

Connell further said the medical report did not speak of injuries to the alleged victim.

He noted that the police play a crucial role in the legal system, stating that they are the first court of call.

“If the mistakes are made in that court, by the time it gets to the DPP office, he’s good, but he can’t make miracles. The adjustments have to be made.

“The office of the Commissioner of Police is not one of trial and error.”

“The Commissioner – Miller — is in above his head …” the lawyer said.

At that time, presiding judges, Frederick Bruce-Lyle and Wesley James interjected, following which, Connell said he would adjust his submission.

“Something needs to be done. The decisions that are being made are questionable…” he said.

SEARCHLIGHT failed in repeated attempts to reach Miller, who is on vacation until January. (KW)