Redemption Sharpes woman to be sentenced for killing ex-lover
From the Courts
November 23, 2012
Redemption Sharpes woman to be sentenced for killing ex-lover

Redemption Sharpes resident Stefforn Williams will be sentenced on December 14, after pleading guilty to killing her former lover, Anthony ‘Brassy’ Nero on August 23, 2011.{{more}}

At the High Court’s criminal assizes on Tuesday, Williams, 54, who was initially charged with murder, pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter when she appeared before the court.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, Nero’s decomposing body was found in a sewage hole in the yard of the house where Stefforn Williams lives.

According to the facts read out in court, Williams returned home on the fateful day and realized that her door had been tampered with. While undressing, she felt someone hold onto her hair, after which she struck the person with a piece of steel.

That person was 52-year-old Nero.

Williams again struck him with the piece of steel. The court heard that she attempted to revive Nero, but he did not respond.

She then placed his body in a sheet and dragged him outside the house where she buried him. Williams then mixed concrete and poured it over the sewage tank, into which she had thrown Nero.

After that, she cooked a meal.

SEARCHLIGHT was the first to report on the horrifying events that led up to Nero’s demise, when Williams, in an exclusive interview on September 14, described in detail what had transpired.

During her explanation, Williams said, “I see the door look different than how I leave it. So I say is probably the girl from below who went in and tek out she chicken, So I didn’t ask nothing,” Williams said.

Williams added that she had just taken off her bra when Nero came from behind and attacked her.

“He was hiding in the house. The person (Nero) come and grip me from behind and lash me in me face and say ‘Yo have de (her private part) dey and yo ain’t war gimme…’,” Williams said.

She said a tussle then ensued with the deceased, during which she struck him with a piece of steel.

“I hit him by his neck and when ah done hit him, he drop pon de ground and ah choke him,” she said. Williams added that she continued choking Nero until she noticed he was not breathing anymore.

“I continue choking him, but me ain’t call out fo no help. When I see he not breathing, I tek him and throw him through the door behind, on some gravel…,” she told SEARCHLIGHT.

Williams said “I tek up a pick (pick axe) and pick up the sewage tank and throw him in dey. I cover back the tank and tek some cement and cover it back.”

However, the woman indicated that she did not intend to kill Nero and that she was only trying to protect herself.

She also claimed that Nero had a history of attacking her and one time, even chased her with a cutlass.

The sentencing will take place pending a social inquiry report to be presented to the court on or before December 11. (KW)