From the Courts
November 9, 2012
Lawyer’s illness forces court to adjourn Burton’s case

The case involving Burton Williams will continue on November 19, following an adjournment of the matter at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court Monday.{{more}}

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne said he received a letter on Friday, November 2, from Williams’ lawyer, Andreas Coombs, who said that he (Coombs) is ill.

Crown Counsel Colin John said the letter should have been accompanied by a medical document and that someone should have come to the court to seek the adjournment rather than sending a letter.

“I did not even get a copy of this e-mail. This is less than respectful to the court in the way it was done and it was disrespectful to me too…,” John said.

Williams is facing charges of attempted damage to property and that within the precincts of the House of Assembly he behaved in a manner in which a breach of peace was likely to be occasioned on January 28, 2011.