From the Courts
August 3, 2012
Employee caught on camera stealing

The man who was put in charge of the security cameras at Super J Supermarket was, on July 25, caught stealing, by those same cameras.{{more}}

When he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Monday, Elliot Jackson pleaded guilty to stealing a case of codfish and two buckets of pig tails and pig snouts, valued at $935.95.

His co-worker, Zolan Cyrus, was also charged with dishonestly receiving stolen goods. He also pleaded guilty.

For their dishonest acts, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne placed them on one-year bonds in the sum of $5,000 each. A breach of that bond will result in one-year custodial sentences.

They were also ordered to pay compensation of $467 each in two weeks, or spend six months in jail.

The court heard that Jackson, who is second-in-charge of security at Super J and responsible for monitoring the cameras in and around the building, was seen in the store room removing the items at about 7:00 pm on July 25.

It was stated that Jackson threw the items outside in the garbage area, following which his co-worker pulled up in a vehicle and took away the items.

A search was later executed at Cyrus’ home, where the items were recovered.

During his appearance in court, Jackson said he did not know that he was second in command of the security cameras.

“I don’t know what pursued me to do it. I have never got myself in trouble before and I am sorry for doing it.”

Magistrate Browne, just before passing sentence, said he was going to send a strong message to “people who are robbing supermarkets, especially their employees.

“You are biting the hands that feed you. You gave away your integrity for this? Here is a supermarket that came and set up here, employed Vincentians before they even sold a thing. When you behave like this you are chasing people away,” Browne said.

The magistrate, who described the men’s behaviour as “sick”, said he was minded to impose a jail sentence for the act.

“If the camera didn’t catch you, you would have eaten fire and say you didn’t do it,” Browne added.(KW)