From the Courts
August 16, 2011
Prisoner makes a mess in Court

Yesterday was quite a messy morning at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court when a prisoner caused persons to flee from the courtroom, after he smeared himself, furniture and the walls with his own faeces.{{more}}

Shortly after being sentenced to six months imprisonment on a theft and burglary charge, the prisoner did not leave the dock when asked to.

He instead told Senior Magistrate Donald Browne that he is normally scorned at the prison and was even thrown out at one time.

When he finally came out of the box, SEARCHLIGHT was reliably informed that he began shaking his pants and then said, “Watch here, watch here, watch way dem mek me do.”

By this time, the prisoner’s hands were covered with faeces.

One person screamed and a police officer summoned the court to rise, after which Senior Magistrate Donald Browne quickly went into his nearby office.

It is reported that the prisoner then plastered himself with the faeces and then proceeded to cover some of the furniture and some parts of the wall with the mess.

The prisoner was ordered to go outside, and when he did, he took the opportunity to run into the Paul’s Avenue area.

The court’s sitting had to be moved upstairs, where the Serious Offences Court normally sits.

The Fire Brigade was called onto the scene, and members of the unit were seen washing the courtroom with a large hose and sprinkling the floor with disinfectant chemicals.

Up until press time, the prisoner was still at large.