From the Courts
July 26, 2011

Lawyer takes stand in murder case

Attorney Grant Connell was one the persons called to the witness stand yesterday by the defence, in the case involving the murder of Lloyd “Lazo/Hawkey” Samuel.{{more}}

Connell, a lawyer of six years, told the court that he represented accused Azari Ash and Che Bute at the Preliminary Inquiry.

Sometime after the Preliminary Inquiry, Connell stated that he was at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court when he had a “brief exchange” with prosecution star witness Uroy “Laybay” Robinson.

Connell told the court that he was present at the Bar table in the Magistrate’s Court when Robinson took the dock. At the time, Connell said the magistrate was dealing with the issue of sentencing.

He noted that Robinson had to be restrained and taken out of the courtroom.

While outside the courtroom, Connell said, “He (Robinson) approached me and said something to me. I said I could not help him on that point. I said I can’t deal with you, brother,” Connell testified.

Details of what was said between Connell and Robinson could not be heard in court, since the accused were not present when it happened.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams, asked counsel under cross-examination if he knew it was prohibited to speak to witnesses, to which Connell replied in the affirmative.

Connell was asked if he wrote any notes of what transpired that day or if he wrote to the DPP, the Commissioner of Police, or the Superintendent of Prisons concerning the matter, to which he replied no to all.

“I did not contact anybody,” Connell asserted.

“…Based on what you heard while in court, you formed the view that Robinson was fearful of going to prison for his own safety?” the DPP asked.

Connell replied, “Yes!”