From the Courts
July 19, 2011
Rape accused claims 73-year-old was his girlfriend

Owia resident, Calvin Jordan, was on Friday, July 15, sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for raping a 73-year-old woman back in 2007.{{more}}

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle handed down the sentence after a nine-member jury found him guilty.

The elderly woman, who was assisted by a cane and had to sit

to give her testimony, told the court that on September 17, 2007, she was at home, when a man came to her yard and requested to use her toilet.

Without knowledge of who the man was, the woman said she allowed Jordan to use the toilet, because he had earlier told her that someone by the name “Baptiste” told him to come to her house to use the toilet, because Baptiste’s toilet was not working.

The woman, who was sitting with her daughter at the front door of the house, said Jordan began telling her stories to indicate that they were related. She said the man then told her that he was hungry and asked for a cup of tea.

She said she sent her daughter to get a pack of biscuits down the road. The woman said Jordan told her that he wanted to change some Euros. Jordan then asked her for $5 to pay to go to town, but she told him that she had no money.

The woman then went to the neighbour and borrowed $3 and gave Jordan.

As she was about to give him the money, Jordan held onto the woman’s hand, pushed her in the house and then onto the bed where he had sex with her.

She told the court that she told him to stop and was crying for help, but no one came to her assistance.

After raping the woman, Jordan told the woman he was going to town and asked her if she wanted anything.

Shortly after he left, the woman said she showered and was crying, because she felt ashamed.

A few days later, on September 25, while sitting outside again, the woman said Jordan passed and said good morning to her several times. The woman said she did not answer, because she was afraid that he would rape her again. That was when she went into her house and telephoned the police.

In a caution statement that the police took from Jordan, 34, he stated that the victim was his girlfriend and that she used to visit his home in Owia.

However, Jordan’s mother, who was called by the prosecution to give testimony, told the court that she had no knowledge of Jordan having a relationship with the woman or that she had ever come to their house in Owia.(KW)