Is a new Lynch trial on the way?
From the Courts
November 23, 2010
Is a new Lynch trial on the way?

Now that Chief Magistrate Sonya Young has recused herself from the Elwardo “EG” Lynch’s matter, a new trial may be on the horizon.{{more}}

However, Lynch’s attorney Kay Bacchus-Browne remains adamant that “The matter is a waste of time, taxpayers’ money and it is a political issue.”

Bacchus-Browne told SEARCHLIGHT that Magistrate Young said that the matter can be be tried again before the Senior Magistrate, at the Kingstown Magistrates’ Court.

“…This is interesting. Some important legal issues arise whether the matter can be tried over at all. The matter was completed already and there is a law called Double Jeopardy (a procedural defence that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same, or similar charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction),” Bacchus-Browne said.

Bacchus-Browne said if the matter is called up for hearing again, she would have certain legal submissions to make.

The matter, where Lynch is charged with making false statements likely to cause fear and alarm, concluded on October 8, at the Serious Offences Court.

Attorney Maia Eustace also appeared with Bacchus-Browne for the defence, while Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams led the prosecution’s case.