‘Papa Iston’ assault case dismissed
From the Courts
September 24, 2010
‘Papa Iston’ assault case dismissed

After recovering from what he calls one of the worst situations he has faced in his life, taxi driver and performing artist Winston ‘Papa Iston” Lewis is ready for a fresh start.{{more}}

Lewis, who was charged in January of this year with indecent assault and indecent exposure, had the charges against him dismissed on September 9, 2010. It was alleged that Lewis committed the offences while taking a tourist to a site in St. Vincent.

Speaking from the office of his lawyer Kay Bacchus Browne, Lewis added that the situation rattled him severely causing him to become stressed and uncomfortable. He explained to reporters how the charges affected his life and his business.

“I was really uncomfortable. It’s really bad for my job, it sent my business down. After that I was hardly getting jobs…” he said.

He also explained that he broke down completely, as he even feared coming into Kingstown. “What happened is that that really took me to the extent that I felt so bad that I couldn’t even handle myself, you know what I mean. Even after one time I was afraid to come into Kingstown, because I know what it is like what every body would say,” he said.

He added that the ordeal left a stain on his life. “It just put a really bad stain on top of me, because I’m not that kinda person, so to tell you the truth, this situation…it’s one of the worst situations that I’ve been through in my life. I had stuff happen to me before, but not like this. “

Reflecting on the day he was arrested, Lewis stated that he was shocked when police offers approached him informing him of the allegations against him. “I’m totally stunned, I was stunned when they showed up. I looked at the police like what?!.”

He added that he often cried tears as he knew he was innocent, and maintained his innocence through to the end, as he believes that he was set up.

Bacchus Browne told reporters that the case was dismissed for want of prosecution, as the virtual complaint did not show up to court several times.

Lewis explained that now that everything is over, he feels happy and is ready to get back to his business of close to twelve years driving his taxi. Lewis is also a prolific soca and reggae artist. He extended thanks to all who supported him during his difficult time, including his Lawyer Kay Bacchus Browne.

Lewis said that he is in the process of starting over his taxi business and has even written three songs from the experience: “The Taliban”, “I had enough no more” and one untiltled track which questions the complainant about why she called the police on him.(OS)