From the Courts
August 13, 2010
Prison count stands at 399 at end of assizes

As the curtains came down on the Criminal Assizes of the High Court last Friday July 30, the prison count at Her Majesty’s Prison stood at 399, an increase from the population count of 367 in March 2010.{{more}}

At present, there are 294 males penal, 94 males on remand, five females penal and six on remand.

The number of males sentenced by the High Court stands at 125, while 169 were sentenced by the Magistrates Court. Five females were sentenced by the High Court.

Presently, there are 32 males awaiting trial, three females awaiting trial and 1 male awaiting re-trial.

Fifteen males are awaiting Preliminary Investigation, two await sentencing. Six females are currently awaiting Preliminary Investigations.Twenty three males are awaiting trial on murder charges and three females also awaiting trials on murder charges. Fifteen males also awaiting Preliminary Investigations on murder charge while two females also await Preliminary Investigations on murder charges.

Barbadians, Trinidadians, St Lucians, Guyanese, Grenadians and Jamaicans make up 19 non-nationals serving sentences. Six also remain on remand, including five Trinidadians and one Bermudian.

Three non-nationals are currently awaiting deportation. One each from Ghana, Liberia, and the Dominican Republic.

Shorn Samuel and Patrick Lovelace are the only two inmates on death row.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle presided over the assizes while Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams led the cases for the crown.