From the Courts
July 23, 2010
Bristol gets 18 years for wounding with intent

By the time Damien Bristol is released from prison, he will be almost 36 years old.{{more}}

High Court Judge, Frederick Bruce-Lyle on Tuesday this week, sentenced the Richland Park/Bequia resident to 18 years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to a wounding with intent charge.

Bristol, 22, had initially pleaded not guilty to wounding Dorothy Olliverre, of Bequia, on June 10, 2009.

Ollivierre, who testified before a nine-member jury, stated that her housekeeper had just left her home when she observed someone crawling on the floor of her living room.

She said she shouted to intruder, who turned out to be Bristol.

Ollivierre said Bristol told her he came to deliver a message from someone in Mustique. She told the court that she did not know anyone in Mustique and that she was not expecting any message from that Grenadine island.

The middle aged woman said her attacker then asked her for a glass of water. After giving Bristol the water, Olliverre said aloud: “Something is not right.” This she said, apparently angered her attacker.

She was then held by the neck and dragged about her home. Ollivierre was slashed with a knife across her neck area after Bristol demanded money from her. She also sustained a broken hand, injuries to her head and stated that she was constantly falling in and out of consciousness.

Halfway through the trial, Ollivierre changed his not guilty plea to guilty.

Director of Public Prosecution, Colin Williams, presented the crown’s case. (KW)