From the Courts
April 16, 2010
One of Isaac’s cows didn’t come home

Rueden Williams remains adamant that he did not steal a cow from the Lowmans Bay area and walk with it to Old Montrose.{{more}}

Williams, a labourer, is accused of stealing a cow belonging to Isaac Williams of Campden Park on June 7, 2009. He appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, April 14, and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Isaac, an aminal farmer, told the court that he had three cows at the time and used to graze them on lands at Lowmans Bay.

On June 6, Isaac said that he left his animals grazing at Lowmans Bay and went away. When he returned the next day, Isaac said one of his cows was no where to be found. “I search all about and me ain’t see it,” Isaac noted.

He then made his way to the Central Police Station to make a report. While there, he said he saw his cow in the yard of the police station. He reported that he did not see Reuden steal the cow, but he was informed by a security guard at the Botanic Gardens that Reuden had been seen with the cow.

Prosecutor, Glenforg Gregg told the court that the cow was valued at $3,500. When Isaac heard this, he said: “It worth more than that. If you see how it look and is the only one (cow) me have now,” Williams testified.

In the testimony of Corporal Vaughn Barker, he noted that he was on mobile patrol in Kingstown at about 1 a.m. when he received information pertaining to a man walking in the Old Montrose area with a cow.

Barker told the court that he saw the defendant coming from the Largo Heights area. The police vehicle stopped and while carrying out a search on the defendant, Barker said that he smelled the odour of an animal on the defendant.

Barker added that Reuden was questioned about the animal, but denied knowledge of the cow. When they were heading back to the town, Barker said the security guard at the Botanic Gardens, Anthony Warren, stopped the police vehicle and identified Reuden as the man he saw walking with the cow.

Shortly after, Barker said Reuden took the police to the area of “Dam Wall” in Old Montrose where the cow was found tied to a lamp post. Reuden untied the cow and was escorted to the police station.

The matter was adjourned to Tuesday April 20.